WORD (Women Organized to Resist and Defend)

is a new grassroots, feminist organization that is dedicated to building the struggle for women’s rights and equality for all.

We will defend the gains of the women’s movement and we will push for greater justice for all women. We will fight for social programs that poor women and families depend on, we will fight for economic equality, and for an end to sexist discrimination.

Visit our website www.defendwomensrights.org

to get involved!

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March 25th
2:50 PM PST
Fight sexual harassment in EVERY field!

Fight sexual harassment in EVERY field!

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    I think fighting sexual harassment requires more guerrilla tactics. Fighting in open fields, especially with modern...
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    For fucks sake… Going to the site is even worse. Why’d I even think there’d be an ounce of credibility on there?
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    I’m waiting for the, “April Fool’s!” I don’t think it’s coming
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    No no, I am a man and can’t say D I C K now. Or giggle like an 8th grader about balls.Guess we can’t even talk about our...
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    These people make Michael Stipe look like Pat Buchanan. They are beyond stupid.
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    whoever made this is retarded. She didn’t expose sexism, men making jokes abou their own genitals isn’t sexist. Rape and...
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    Anita and Andrea are a sign of what’s wrong with feminism right now. It used to be about defending rights, but now it’s...
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    You might want to use a better spokesperson than Adria considering she did everything wrong.
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    Stand with Adria Richards and all victims of sexism at work - get involved at defendwomensrights.org
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